JOIN US IN CELEBRATING 25 years of existence of BEDNAR FMT s.r.o.

Have a look at what we have accomplished in the past twenty-five years: thanks to you, thanks to our customers.
The Company was founded
Number of countries where we export BEDNAR machines
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Come to Rychnov nad Kněžnou with us. It is a place where the machines by the family-owned Czech company, BEDNAR FMT s.r.o., are made, component by component.


The desire to offer our products to a wide range of customers continuously moves us forward. That's why you can see the BEDNAR machines in 39 countries of the world.


Company Owner and CEO
"At the beginning, there was just an idea when my partners and I founded a company for exporting agricultural machinery abroad. The first years were difficult, we didn't have our own production facilities and everything was coming together slowly. The success of our company is based on many things, namely the decision to invest into our own production facility. Thanks to finding gaps in the market and manufacturing machines tailored to the actual customer requirements, we have become a renowned player in the demanding competitive environment. The entire process of growth is about strong visions, endurance and continuously seeking compromise. I am truly proud of what BEDNAR means for many of our customers and partners. I look towards the future with determination and I believe that the ideas my sons and colleagues have in their heads today will be implemented just like twenty-five years ago, when we were at the very beginning."
Sales Director
Commencement date: 15.08.2005
"The desire to offer BEDNAR machines to a continuously increasing number of customers is what drives us forward in these difficult times. It is what makes our young and dynamically evolving company different to the competition. In the past twenty-five years, we have introduced machines and innovative technologies to the market that incorporate real farmers' knowledge and experience and our unique know-how."
Production Director
Commencement date: 01.11.2005
"Production is a living mechanism and it's as true as ever today. I'm proud of what we have accomplished in the production plant in the past years. We have built a modern production plant with software control. I hope we will be able to find more quality employees for the production in the future to help us move the potential of the BEDNAR brand forward."
Deputy Executive
Commencement date: 07.01.1998
"We have achieved the current success thanks to the stable staff base we have built in twenty-five years. During those years, we have managed to overcome many obstacles, which has strengthened us. Today, we can lean on experts and quality employees who move the Company forward. I believe we will continue doing that in the future and our Company will continue doing well."
Marketing Director
Commencement date: 03.05.2004
"In the relatively short history of twenty-five years, we have become a recognized partner of modern farmers and top sellers of agricultural technology. We have never lived on our history, we have always worked hard for the future. I spend a lot of time in personal meetings with end customers. I can say that our position has changed considerably in the course of time and today, we are not afraid to knock on the door of any farmer demanding top technology."
Technical and IT Director
Commencement date: 01.07.2010
"We have set the highest objectives in the field of information technology, both in terms of precision control and production monitoring, warehouse management automation, and towards our customers and business network. We want to maximally simplify and accelerate our support, therefore we put a lot of effort in developing new portals, such as the BEDNAR Configurator and other user applications that facilitate our customers' everyday work and our mutual communication."
Economic and Investment Director
Commencement date: 28.09.1998
"I can easily confirm that BEDNAR FMT is a socially responsible and economically stable company. We have been achieving good results in the long term, for which we are grateful to our business partners and customers who place their trust in BEDNAR machines. We have been steadily growing since the beginning and we return a considerable part of the profit into developing new machines, technologies and into our production plant."


How do our business partners/ authorized dealers assess their cooperation with BEDNAR FMT, what do they appreciate about the brand and what do they wish from us in the future?
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Check out the percentage of sales of the most successful model series from the entire BEDNAR machine portfolio.



The SWIFTER seedbed cultivator offers an easy adjustment to working conditions thanks to the replaceable working sections. We manufacture the SWIFTER in a working widths from 3 to 18.2 m.



The TERRALAND chisel plough is a revolutionary machine for deep soil cultivation in one pass. The TERRALAND chisel plough series comes in working widths from 3 to 6.4 m.


18,9 %

The SWIFTERDISC cultivator is popular thanks to the unique technical advantages. The SWIFTERDISC is a disc cultivator available in a working widths from 3 to 18.4 m.


9,9 %

The wide-span MULCHER rotary cutter is an irreplaceable machine for every farm. The machines help with landscaping. The MULCHER series is made in working widths from 4.5 to 7 metres.


8,9 %

The OMEGA series represents the most universal seed drills on the market with several unique elements and a wide range of optional equipment. The OMEGA seed drill comes in working widths from 3 to 9 metres.
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Choose the right machine from our extensive portfolio to meet your requirements and move your business forward.


We are interested in agriculture; we have a passion for agricultural technology. We are an innovative manufacturer of agricultural machines, developed on the basis of a bilateral cooperation with our customers, partners and research organizations. Join our satisfied customers; we will show you the way to achieving higher yields.

Innovative technology

“We are a professional partner and advisor to farmers, and we bring new technological solutions to your business.”
There is no time for complacency in any industry, and the same applies to agriculture. Continuous improvement of well-established technological procedures in the field of soil cultivation and seeding, and finding new methods of management is one of the ways to be better in your business than your neighbour.
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High productivity

“We are a leader in the field with more than twenty years of experience in the development and production of wide machines for soil cultivation and seeding.”
We have become a valid leader in the field of development and production of wide machines as a manufacturer of agricultural equipment. It all started in 2003 with the design of a seedbed cultivator prototype, 17 metres wide, for one of our important customers – ROSTĚNICE, a.s.
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Easy operation

“We focus on easy machine control and intuitive operation, and it is something to be considered as early as an idea of a newly developed machine crosses our mind.”
Just like in everyday life, when driving a car, shopping, working, or doing any routine, we also require a high level of simplicity and automation of routine activities. It goes double when talking about the control of agricultural machines. When thinking about the development of a new machine, we put emphasis on user-friendly control and easy operation.
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Agronomic know-how

“We are farmers who respect the tradition of farming, and we respond to modern agricultural trends and procedures.”
Agriculture is rightly considered to be one of the most useful industries in the world. It has been linked to the production of nutrition for people from the earliest times. Life on earth would not exist without agriculture. We are proud to be standing on your side, honouring the tradition of farming.
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